Add in a sense of respect

and an honor amongst

others with the same.

Hip hop legends Pimp C

​and Bun B aka UGK coined the term "trill".

Used an adjective to 

describe an advanced

level of honest reality. 

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The Trill Life is a vast resource of where to find information, and most importantly how to use what you have and will learn. How and where to find answers is at the core of our mission. What questions to ask and the answers you should be looking for is the path we have laid out. Why value is infinitely more important than cost. How to be the best at life without compromising who you are or losing yourself. This is an educational resource where you find easy access to questions we ask everyday and a place to intake new and different information, ideas, opinions, analysis, and etiquette involving common sense approaches to every aspect of life. We give you the tools to be successful at anything and find the CORRECT and PROPER instruction, information, shared experiences and education.



The Trill Life is a proud Central PA based website. To celebrate our locale we have printable high school football schedules, easy to laminate, perfect for the coffee table, office desk, or the refrigerator.