Answer: This comes down to your own time management. The rule of thumb for traditional is 10-15 minutes a day during the week to check match ups and the waiver wire and an hour Sunday morning before the games start to set lineups and check on last minute injuries. If you can afford a few extra minutes during the week to check out the advanced metrics you will want to use to compete in DFS as well as an additional 45 minutes to an hour to properly break down the matchups and set a DFS lineup Sunday morning before the 1pm kickoffs.

If you have the modest amount of extra time and a few dollars to spend for the

best DFS research available

with the most detailed and relevant statistical breakdowns and projection models, you will actually IMPROVE your skills as a season long player two fold. First, the advanced metrics used in the DFS community are far superior to the generic ESPN or player rankings used on their websites and talked about in front of millions on their TV shows. Now because of those metrics which gives you detailed information and projections on every single player, you will have a much clearer picture of the true value available on your league's waiver wire.

Question: Is it really worth the $$ to pay for research and projections? 

Answer: Not only is it worth it, it is the only real way to compete week in and week out and actually turn a positive ROI. Hitting the millionaire maker is a lottery ticket, but winning consistently and turning a profit long term are absolutely within reason and many more are turning to a career in daily fantasy sports. 

Question: So how much money do I need to compete?

Answer: Depends. If you want to truly make this your career, I firmly believe starting with anything less than $5,000 in your account is a waste of time and effort. $10,000 is your optimum number. You will want to use the same bankroll and money management techniques you would use for betting on sports, investing in stocks or playing poker. Paying for Rotogrinders premium is a must, beyond the research and projections, they provide you with a way to track your contest history, your bankroll and ROI. Much easier than keeping spreadsheets for everything you do, like you would in those other fields. 

Question: What If I just want to play $20 or $30, maybe $50 worth of lineups every weekend, maybe do the giant Golf contests they do for the 4 Majors. I have a job, I just want to have fun but not donate my money every weekend.

Answer: I don't believe you can be successful at it unless you purchase the Rotogrinders premium. Which is only $30 or less per month and if you only play NFL you only need to subscribe for a few months and then cancel for the offseason. I think you can have plenty of fun with a $100 deposit on either DraftKings or FanDuel. Also keep in mind the name you use when you sign up is permanent. So maybe think long and hard about being longandhard6969 for the rest of your DFS existance, choose wisely. 

I also want to interject I am not endorsed or being paid by RG. I am a premium member and have found their tools to be far superior to their competitors and I am just sharing my positive personal experience with them. would be next best imo.

Question: Ok, so I deposited $100 and subscribed to RG, now what?

Answer: I would enter a few free contests to get the hang of the website, I would also click around the site and attempt to absorb as much of the logistics and how the App works on your phone. Get comfortable with it, the less intimidated you are with the procedure the more brain power you can put towards building great lineups. Next I would familiarize yourself with the rules for the sport in which you intend to compete. 

                             DRAFT KINGS RULES/SCORING                                       FANDUEL RULES/SCORING

Question: Ok, now I need some tips and tricks to beat the competition.

Answer: Careful playing the most obvious highly touted players unless you are absolutely certain they will be the play of the day. Most of your competition will get their information from the same 4 or 5 websites or TV talking heads. Try to find ways to pivot and differentiate yourself from the field. Its nearly impossible to win when all of your team is owned by more than 50% of the field. Game theory is DFS is crucial. Another reason to spend the money for RG, to read their articles and learn how to win rather than just picking the guys who's names look the prettiest on your lineup. 

Question: Do women ever play? 

Answer: Absolutely, Just as in traditional season long, the female demographic is the fasting growing segment. DFS is competitive and girls like winning too. Some of the best talking heads in the DFS business are females and they are able to compete at a high level if they put in the same time and effort as their male counterparts. Plus how can your wife/girlfriend get mad at you for doing fantasy and spending time doing it properly, when now she's doing the same. Be smart boys, happy wife, happy life.

Question: I Play traditional season long fantasy football. Will playing DFS take away from my success?


Question: I Play Traditional Season Long Fantasy will DFS?

Before you read below, here is a quick list of common shorthand used when talking about daily fantasy sports.