Answer: Yes, although one isn't clearly superior to the other and the game theory is virtually the same, as is the number of competitors and the money at stake. There are however some stark differences between the sites, and it truly comes down to personal preference. I compare it to the iPhone vs Android rivalry, people generally pick one and stick with it. Its predominately the pros who play both sites to try and take advantage of the edges they see on both sites. Pros? We will talk more of that soon...  

Now that I explained the similarities, here are the most noticeable differences

1. DraftKings lowest buy-in not including Free Contests is .25 cents (The Quarter Arcade), however FanDuel's minimum contests are $1.00. However FanDuels GPP's (Guaranteed Prize Pool) end up larger on average. 

2. DraftKings Player Pricing is more firm with the top end players making it more difficult to form a lineup under the salary cap ($50,000) while Fan Duel's pricing is more flexible and loose. Keep in mind the difficulty level of forming a lineup not only applies to you but to your competition.

3. The Lineups themselves are arranged differently. DraftKings uses a Flex, while FanDuel uses the traditional Kicker.

Question: Is There A Difference Between DraftKings and FanDuel?

4. There are a few scoring differences as well. In the traditional NFL formats. DraftKings has the clear edge in scoring in comparison with FanDuel. 

- DraftKings does 1pt per reception, FanDuel does .5pt per reception

- DraftKings gives a 3pt bonus for exceeding 100 yards receiving or rushing, as well as 100       yards passing. FanDuel does not

- DraftKings subtracts -1pt for a fumble lost. FanDuel subtracts has compiled a list where you can compare the scoring systems from both DraftKings and FanDuel in all of the other sports, MLB, NBA, NHL, etc.

​DraftKings vs FanDuel Scoring Brakedown - Cheat Sheet

​5. Another edge for DraftKings is the variety of sports they offer compared to FanDuel.

- DraftKings offers NASCAR, MMA, CFL and even LOL (League Of Legends) contests.


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